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When i first started coming to see "Dr. Steve" i could hardly turn my neck. After three weeks of being treated with the "ProAdjuster", I have my full range of motion back. I love the ProAdjuster! It eliminated all fears I had about going to a chiropractor. I am recommending "Dr. Steve" to all my friends and family, especially those that are nervous about being "twisted and popped." Thanks again!

Carol M.
St. Louis, MO

I injured my lower back when I bent over to pick something up. I was in alot of pain, and had to sleep in a chair. Now, 4 weeks later, with the help of "Dr. Steve", I feel so much better, I am almost ready to start hunting again, and the dog has his chair back!

Darrell M.
Millstadt, IL

I had hip surgery years ago and I still have discomfort in my back and hip. The treatments I receive from "Dr. Steve" are very comforting and helpful. I sure appreciate his help.

Mary O.
Millstadt, IL

Since I've been seeing "Dr. Steve", my back has greatly improved. My left leg was almost numb and now the circulation has returned and the pain has decreased.

Barbara G.
Columbia, IL

"Dr. Steve" has helped me with my migraine headaches and my lower back disc problems, I would recommend him to anyone!

Howard H.
New Athens, IL

My lower back pain is doing so much better, along with my weight loss. The auriculo-therapy for weight loss has helped me alot! I am very pleased with my progress and will continue my treatments with "Dr. Steve."

Kathy D.
Millstadt, IL